LOOP closes the gap between data availability and quality, materials supply and demand, and ease of use to make reuse commercially viable for industry.

Building Materials Passport

Log materials within your existing portfolio and new construction projects.

KPI Tracking

Monitor your KPI’s such as materials bought, CO2 offset, income generated and savings made against new products.

Additional Income & Reduced Costs

Sell on excess materials from the construction phase and log the materials and systems within a building for future reuse.

LOOP Added Value

View our warranty and material leasing options.

“Whilst conducting research for my book, Building Revolutions, it was very evident that there has to be a way to connect people who are demolishing buildings with designers who want to reuse materials to enable us to implement a circular economy in buildings. This connectivity is critical and is precisely what LOOP is facilitating.”

David Cheshire, Regional Director, Aecom and author of Building Revolutions: Applying the Circular Economy to the Built Environment, RIBA, 2016

“LOOP is an innovative platform which makes an important step for a circular economy – linking economic value and material resources. We are excited to see how the marketplace develops and industry responds to this disruption.”

Cat Hirst, Head of Learning and Innovation, UK Green Building Council